is an online platform through which customers can find transportation service provider 'transporter' make an order and use the service. Company controls the details of the order, service quality and conditions.

Transfer planning

 Online Users have the possibility to take a tour (tour, transfer) around Georgia according to their wishes. You choose the location “from” and the direction “where” (you can also add the directions), indicate the date and the number of days, afterwards you choose the appropriate vehicle according to the driver’s skills and the description of the car, you can also choose a guide (Please note that the drivers are amateur guides and not professionals), driver’s language and so on. Then you book a car.
After booking a car, you will receive a link on the mail you indicated before. By clicking on that link, you approve or cancel the booking. You will receive detailed information about the driver and the transfer. It is better if the booking will be done 12 hours prior to tour. It is necessary to fill in the information correctly (email, mobile number, address and etc) so that the driver will face no problems to connect with you and clarify information and/or needs.
The payment has to be done with cash after the tour has ended to the driver. The amount indicated on the website is the last and does not change. The price indicates the full cost of the tour and not the fee per passenger. According to the law of Georgia, all monetary transactions take place in the national currency in GEL.You can also book already existing tours and visit different parts of Georgia (see tours, where the detailed information of the tour, its distance, time and price is provided). If you book a vehicle for couple of days you have to understand that the price includes all the expenses of the driver (fuel, food, hotel and etc). If during the trip you want to visit places you have not indicated in the order, it can be done only after negotiating with the driver.
If the locations you choose exceed one day, the program automatically moves to two or more days. This also changes the price of a tour (you can add or remove locations and keep the number of days accordingly).
During your trip, the driver will stop you in any place to enjoy the beautiful views and sightseeing, take photos, taste national dishes and enjoy the Georgian hospitality.
When tour has been ended, you will receive a link on the mail where you can evaluate the ride and/or simply write down your impressions.
Our main goal is to create maximum comfort and safety at minimum price.
We wish you a happy journey!

P.S If you have any questions you can go to "contact" where our email and phone are indicated. Our representative will answer your questions with pleasure.

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